25A The Green, London, W5 5DA

Added 13th July 2015

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1. Well finished flat, poor landlord serve and declining area

By paulstubbs1 - stayed here from 10th February 2013 to 13th July 2015

On a noisy road with HGV deliveries going past all night long. The property has "triple glazing" to try to fix this, but it doesn't completely cover it, and during the summer when you want the windows open, there is constant, loud traffic.
Very easy to hear the tenants above, lots of stamping and running around.
Homeless people live underneath the stair entrance to the property for several months of the year. The police are regularly called.
The council have to be contacted on a fairly regular basis when the communal bins are forgotten and rubbish piles up in the street.
There is no parking provided with the property. The nearest parking is about 80 yards ago, if you're lucky enough to get a spot.
Flat is generally finished to a high standard, although anything "extra" that the landlord has to provide (such as curtains) are of the poorest quality.
Any maintenance work takes at least four weeks - even something as small as fixing a broken tap.
The rent goes up year on year without fail.

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