Flat 65, London, W9 1HT

Added 10th July 2015

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1. Nice flat, rude landlord

By J - stayed here from 25th September 2013 to 25th June 2014

Nice spacious flat, friendly porter. decent kitchen. Reception was draft, so got quite cold during winter. Nice neighbours. Little furniture (even though advertised as 'fully furnished'). Some of the bedrooms didn't even have a wardrobe.

Fridge broke down twice.
Got frustrated when contacting over a broken boiler. Suggested it was because we did not know how to operate it. British gas engineer fixed it (faulty valve not our fault).
Microwave broke, vacuum cleaners werent working when we moved in. Told us that this was not part of his furniture (was left by previous tenant) and hence we had to replace them.
Faulty lock broke when moving out. Locksmith arrived next day. Issue was no fault of my own, and was due to improper installation by previous locksmith. Landlord refused to provide a future reference unless we paid.

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