63 Stanhope Gardens, London, N4 1HY

Added 30th June 2015

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1. Do not rent this property

By ncregan123 - stayed here from 3rd July 2014 to 29th June 2015

We moved in July 2014 and all was seemingly ok until 2/3 months in our hot water stopped working. We asked the letting agency (manor properties) to provide us with a manual for the boiler and they did, as well as sending someone around, who didn't tell us who he was, fiddled with the boiler a bit and told us there was nothing wrong. Annoyingly, the boiler always works when he is here, but not when we're trying to shower or wash up dishes. There is also a persistant leak downstairs by the sink that has led to paint peeling off the walls, damp and insects.

Finally, things came to a head with the landlord coming over to 'fix' the boiler and getting impatient that we had challenged that it was fixed, which ended with him screaming in my housemate's (a girl in the house on her own with him) face, making her feel unsafe and threatened.

He is vile and the property is not fit for living, so please do not enter into a contract with this man / agency, who have failed to keep us warm and feeling safe.

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