7 The Cedars, Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 7NU

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1. Worst Landlord Ever (Lynda Howell)

By Layla - stayed here from 8th February 2014 to 4th October 2014

Moved here to save some money for a while, as the rent included all bills, council tax too. The flat was a conversion below the Landlady's house. The problems were endless. Without going into too much detail, shortly after moving in I find out this was an illegal conversion. A long list of problems, confirmed by many people. 2 of the problems could have resulted in me becoming very poorly. This was let to me by Besley Hill then managed by Lynda Howell herself (Landlady from hell), a retired, lonely busybody. Locals used to catch her letting herself into my home, during the day while I was at work, on a regular basis, without my permission and certainly being no emergency. Then there was her dog, she had no control over, that barked all night every night, right above me causing me a lot of stress. My complaints were completely ignored. I spent months putting up with very little sleep and did become quite ill. After almost a year I began receiving letters from the council to say I owed them council tax, when all along I was lead to believe she had been paying it as was supposed to be included in the rent. She had not declared to the council my flat was a separate dwelling to avoid paying. Discovered she wasn't paying tax on her rental earning income either so reported her for tax evasion and fraud. The woman is evil. She kept my deposit, probably to pay the council tax, and she hadn't even protected it with the government protection scheme. Avoid Lynda Howell like the plague! Absolute con artist.

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