120 Waller Road, London, SE14 5LU

Added 26th June 2015

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1. Big shared house in good location

By Durko - stayed here from 1st April 2011 to 26th June 2014

The property at Waller Road is a big house that is a dream for students or young professionals looking to save money by taking a big share house (5-6 bedrooms). It has an unbelievably nice kitchen and garden that is great for socialising, as well as big bedrooms throughout the house.
Its cheap so it shouldnt be a huge surprise it can get a bit nippy in winter (the house is pretty drafty), and noise travels throughout the house... However, in our eyes that was a small price to pay to for a great location (nr telegraph hill park, peckham and new cross for nightlife).
Landlord is based abroad, but over the course of our tenancy was prompt in dealing with issues, and once we had developed a bit of trust he was even happy for us to take a lead on solutions to minor issues and getting them fixed. Minor dispute over the deposit related to garden upkeep, but that should not tarnish an otherwise excellent tenancy.

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