4 Pepys Road, London, SE14 5SB

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1. First floor flat, 4 Pepys Road

By Durko - stayed here from 1st June 2014 to 1st June 2015

The flat was for the most part a nice place to spend a year, it is a nice enough setting and convenient for new cross and the london commute. There are however some fairly important issues that a letting agent will not highlight to you so i wanted to post here on the off-chance a prospective tenant will get a more complete idea of what the flat is actually like to live in...
First, it has a damp problem in winter (quite a serious one in one of the bedrooms), which we were not informed about when viewing (surprise surprise). In the end we had to buy a dehumidifier to alleviate the damp for health reasons and to stop clothes being destroyed by mould. This solution came straight out of our pocket, the landlord did not offer any repairs or solutions.
Second, the landlord is extremely slow and grudging in resolving most issues with the flat. For example, our boiler hot water system broke down over the winter and it took a full month to get it replaced - and even that took endless chasing from me and my flatmate. No rent rebate was offered whatsoever for a month of no hot water in winter, and the landlord is still adamant that a month is an acceptable time-frame for a pretty simple job.
Third, and if we are honest, par for the course in London these days, but the landlord tried to take us to the cleaners on the deposit. They tried to deduct £700 (plus unquantified excess if the tradesmen screwed up) for a 1sq inch burn mark on a kitchen worktop. We had made clear at the outset we had no objection to making a fair contribution to the repair, but the landlord was very aggressive and the approach was outside the guidelines of the DPS. We argued our case and came to a much more reasonable settlement, but be warned that you should be aware of your tenant rights and ready to defend your position, otherwise you may well end up unreasonably out of pocket.

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