16 Strathleven Road, London, SW2 5JR

Added 14th June 2015

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1. Not a bad property but Letting Agent (Ludlow Thompson) are fairly awful.

By Bill Hut - stayed here from 1st October 2013 to 14th June 2015

Having lived in this property for a while now, it has been a mixed experience. The property was refurbished to a good standard but unfortunately the standard of workmanship is very poor. We have had plenty of water leaks that have taken weeks to be repaired and the boiler broke down twice in the middle winter taking a total of 1 month to repair. We received no compensation for the fact that we were unable to live in the property due to the temperature or even wash.

Plenty of other issues with the lettings agent including essentially being threatened with eviction if we didn't agree to pay more rent and a frequently changing property manager.

Aside from the problems with the Agents, leaks, boiler etc, the property is in a great location and is of a decent size although a little pricy in comparison to other properties on the market.

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