40 Thane Villas, London, N7 7PG

Added 8th June 2015

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1. Awful - one of my worst rentald

By Asb123 - stayed here from 8th June 2014 to 14th February 2015

This is an extremely damp sharehouse of 4 bedrooms with an extremely bad landlord and lots of rotting wood and broken windows.
There is very poor communication and thry will ignore any reuwests for repairs. Nothing is provided in writing without pushing for it and even then it is very poor. Owned by Florence Lepe properties.

They would not provide written leases until after tenants paid a full 6 weeks deposit and 1 months rent and moved in. They seem to be very predatory and take tenants with little knowledge or choice in the market. Mainky expats and students. Even upon receiving the lease details such as bond and rent were not filled in.

The landlord's personal builder has been around and said that they should have made repairs to the property for safety reasons. The floors are collapsing in on floors 2 and 3 and there are live electrical wires left hanging under the staircase which almost electrocuted our flatmate to death. All rooms are extremely mouldy with black mould and there were multiple old doors left out in the back yard to rot. All the windowsills were rotting and had broken off.

The landlord owns 15 other properties (by their own admission ) and is extremely aggressive and instrusive. Every few weeks they would let themselves into the house without notice to look around and would also make alterations to the property with no notice. We also frequently received aggressive emails about the unpaid rent and deposits of old tenants who had alreasy left. We even got an email telling us to get them parking vouchers!

Within 1 month of moving in I had to replace the whole house (3 other tenants) and the tenants were constantly changing. No stability and noone knows each other.

I got my bond back in full. I suspect tuey knew I was no nonsense as I left as soon as possible and would have fought them on any issues.

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