5 Hemstal Road, London, NW6 2AB

Added 8th June 2015

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1. Union Realty - Decent Landlord

By Rostopher - stayed here from 10th September 2013 to 15th May 2015

Stayed for approx. 18 months in flat 4, 5 Hemstal Road.

Generally very good and were responsive to specific issues as we raised them. They have a single handyman who was called out to do a few jobs when asked (minor leaks, light fixtures needing replaced etc.) and it was nice to have only one person to come into the house. When the first year's contract ran out, they were happy to renew without change or increase of the rent (and ignored the estate agent trying to extract a cut)

At the end of the tenancy they extended our lease by an extra week, which we needed as due to problems with the place we were moving into, which was a huge help.

Only minor issue was with the return of deposit. Despite not undertaking a check-out, as they were going to decorate once we left, this was still charged. We eventually got half of that amount back (which we accepted as a sort of additional payment for the extension mentioned above)

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