Flat 123, London, W6 7JG

Added 2nd June 2015

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1. Cowboy landlord and infested with cockroaches

By rebejad - stayed here from 1st July 2012 to 17th October 2012

Seemingly nice flat in Hammersmith with the worst landlord I have ever experienced. We had a new bathroom fitted which caused a cockroach infestation which we then had to deal with as he then blamed us. When we complained he said we were evicted over the phone and threatened us with bailiffs. We agreed to leave, gave a months notice and even offered to find tenants to replace us. He then refused to give us our deposits back, gave all of these false reasons for not returning it. Eventually had to get a lawyer involved, took about 2 months to resolve.

Avoid landlord Zia Zuberi at all costs.

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