Flat 4, London, E3 3BA

Added 1st June 2015

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1. Terrible Estate Agency and Terrible Flat

By headless - stayed here from 19th July 2014 to 24th September 2014

Where do I start? Damp, unclean, no hot water, no facilities, definitely one of those homes that are belong UK living standards.

Disgusting. There was supposedly a cleaner who came round every week. I never saw the cleaner. This would explain why the place was so dirty.

No warm water in the kitchen. Washing cutlery and plates with cold water.

The estate agents, Sterling De Vere, said if I needed anything, they would get it. I did, they didn't. Hot water, cleaner facilities, a working iron - nothing got given. Pathetic. They would bully and intimidate housemates too, coming round whenever they felt, without any prior warning.

Not a friendly area, flats around it were also unclean. It was embarrassing to bring friends and family round, to see my cold, damp, unclean dingy flat.

Disgraceful. Needs a lot of work from new owners and new estate agents.

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