41 Caldecott Way, London, E5 0DA

Added 16th May 2014

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1. Terrible Place to Rent

By fcst110 - stayed here from 17th August 2011 to 17th August 2012

The house itself isn't that great but is quite spacious and next to a park. We had lots of problems though - the ceiling in the larder leaked from the bathroom and at first the landlord accused us of lying, then when he eventually got round to fixing it he just cut out the damp sections and replaced them with new wood, which did nothing to solve the actual problem!

We also were not able to get our rent deposit back. He would only respond sporadically, made false claims about the costs incurred on the house (including claiming that we overstayed by a week despite the fact we had moved into a new property by that time), and in the end we had to just give up.

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