12 Holmesfield Road, Birmingham, B42 2DJ

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1. Landlady is a compulsive liar

By ham - stayed here from 9th September 2012 to 9th January 2014

It all started when she increased the rent after we'd agreed to move in. Contracts were still unsigned so there was nothing we could do.

Things got worse then when she told us that we had to pay for her white goods insurance or if an item broke she wouldn't get it resolved.

Then she evicted us saying that the house was for sale.

She used my employers as a backstory as to who the sale was going to.

She tried to force us to buy her furniture, and kept changing her mind about what this included because she couldn't remember the last lie she told.

On move out day she was late, left my poorly wife in the house while she ran out screaming, swore and threatened us over the phone, and refused to remain at the property for us to hand it over to her.

She then withheld our deposit for months, only when we contacted a solicitor, at our own cost, did she return the deposit, threatening us with legal action and worse in return.

She's now currently making our elderly neighbours lives miserable.

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