334 Tile Hill Lane, Coventry, CV4 9DS

Added 22nd April 2015

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1. OK for a house share.

By Pai - stayed here from 18th July 2014 to 7th November 2014

The house is reasonably priced – we were paying £825 pcm – and the rooms are all a good size. The utilities all work well, so no complaints there. My only gripe is that this house is a work in progress for the landlord, Humphrey, who is working on the place so to move in himself some years down the line. Additionally, the adjacent garage is not part of the rental deal, and is used as a store for the landlord. This means he is round almost everyday, at very little notice (5-10 mins most time) and also the garden is complete building site (a mess!). Wee were promised that this would be cleared up in a matter of a few weeks, however it quickly became obvious is was a much longer term project.

So in summary, it's good value for the house itself, but if you value privacy and a pleasant garden find somewhere else!

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