3 Rowes Terrace, St. Austell, PL26 7UD

Added 14th April 2015

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1. rip off landlord

By zac - stayed here from 31st October 2014 to 13th February 2015

Took the property as it was supposed to have a log burner..then the log burner was fitted incorrectly and condemned .the landlord said he would get it fixed if we played part of it.,Hugh it was the landlord who fitted it. Then we find out the outbuilding flooded.,this was due to the landlord putting cement down the drain when he was botching ..doing the house up. We then say were moving out coz of all the hastle and he then disputes our rent refund saying we broke a shed window..we didn't , and the mould that was growing in the house was our fault ..not that the vents were in the wrong place and he had painted over the original mould. He wanted £200from our deposit to fix it. In the end we agreed just to get out..this landlord of 3rows terrace foxhole Cornwall will rip you off.

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