18 Hampton Gardens, Leominster, HR6 8DT

Added 16th April 2014

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1. Caldicott's Leominster

By Tense Tenant - stayed here from 1st November 2009 to 16th April 2014

2-up, 2-down, with gardens front & back, upstairs bathroom and decent sized kitchen. Gas central heating.

I will be leaving this house in May 2014, as the landlord has decided to carry out sorely-needed modernisations. I was given notice to quit after highlighting some of the more hideous faults in the property. This is a charming, if down-market, part of town within easy walking distance of all facilities including schools & shops. Neighbours no trouble; lots of small families.

Nearly all the properties are owned by Hergest, and managed by RM Caldicott. They are extremely unhelpful, inefficient, and constantly trying to squeeze money out of you. I installed the central heating here and they promptly increased my rent! They are aware that I intended to stay for at least five more years and carry out running repairs, but booted me out as soon as I asked for structural maintenance that was a good 20 years overdue. On the up side, Caldicott's do understand Housing Benefit and its out-of-sync payment schedules.

If you're thinking of renting here, I recommend the area but advise caution with the landlord/agency. Check the place thoroughly - they're inclined towards botch jobs - and insist on a written contract for any improvements you carry out. Refuse to pay fictional ad-hoc charges for things like drain cleaning. Don't expect them to be 'helpful' - they're not!

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