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1. looks nice, but over-priced

By katharineconway - stayed here from 23rd November 2013 to 8th August 2014

I saw this property and foolishly agreed to pay the £1195 pm rental as it looked lovely. Once I moved in, I realised differently.

A tour round the property.
Living room

The front door opens straight into the living room and has, in parts, a 5mm gap between the front door and the architrave, around which the winter wind can (and does) whistle straight in. The obvious place for the TV is by the TV point, however a low glass shelf stops you from putting your TV here.

The cooker has a problem which means that heat doesn't circulate properly. I did some Yorkshire Puddings that were burnt on the bottom and undercooked inside. After that I didn't cook again.
The microwave doesn't defrost - the only thing I would use a microwave for
The fridge and freezer are under-counter so you can probe around on the floor to find things
There is no draining board and the sink sits proud of the work surface which means that when you wash up by hand (because the dishwasher doesn't work) the water pours onto the floor. The only time I have had to wear wellington boots for dishwashing!
Of all the equipment in the kitchen only the fridge and freezer and washing machine work properly - the microwave, cooker and dishwasher don't.

The mirror above the basin was so high I couldn't see in it, but there was a huge mirror on the wall to the left. Luckily I'm a woman and don't need to shave on a daily basis.,
The mirrors had a pine frame which, given the condensation, leaked brown stains on the walls
The shower, over the bath was very difficult to adjust to a good temperature
Given the proximity to the basin it was impossible to pull the shower glass wall away from the shower in order to clean the taps

When I moved out I had a professional clean (including the carpets) by the cleaner recommended by the letting agent. The report came back saying that I had to pay (out of my deposit) for a professional clean). The landlord also expected me to recompense for a brown stain on the ceiling, probably due to all the wooden frames that were leaking due to condensation.

There is no double glazing.

It is fully grassed. I put down stepping stones to the end of the grass to the back to get the bins

Front garden
In order to get to your car you have to walk over grass and mud. Next door's car is immediately at the bottom of your path
neighbours had put out a sign "keep off the grass"

This place was an overpriced nightmare. It looked great but was totally impractical to live in and space was limited. I could almost have guessed that I would have lost some deposit as they tried to cover the cost of fair wear and tear. The presence of wooden framed mirrors in the bathroom meant that I constantly had streaks to scrub off the walls. I don't think the landlords had ever lived in it.

They took quite a sum out of my deposit upon departure, most of which I feel was unjustified. They said a professional clean was required when I had had the professional cleaners recommended by the letting agent clean the property including professional carpet clean

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