Flat A, London, E9 7AL

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Problematic agency and landlord!!!!

By keke - stayed here from 20th August 2014 to 19th February 2015

I had moved to the property after a friend of mind had been living there for about 2 years.
we had problems with a stingy landlord going against the agency for things that needed fixing; a broken fence in the yard; ventilation in the bathroom that eventually let into mulled etc.
we left the property over 2 month ago and and still had not received our deposit back! (i had found out my deposit wasn't protected by dps) there isn't even a discussion in hand, just the agency not responding to emails or avoiding the pay using reticules excuses.
i highly recommend NOT to get involved with any thing that has to do with this property.

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