Alexandra Cottage, York, YO62 5LB

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Idyllic location but landlord fails to carry out his responsibilities

By munchkin22 - stayed here from 10th February 2010 to 10th April 2013

Had big problems with heating system. Was leaking water and using far too much oil and this was backed up by an engineer who we paid to look at it because Landlord refused. Despite relaying this to landlord he told us that it was up to us to pay for any repairs and we should have put money aside to pay for such things. Tenancy agreement stated landlords responsibility but he refused to have the relevant work done, so we stopped using the heating/system...which also meant we had no hot water unless we boiled kettles.

Had a parking area made for when we moved - organised by landlord - and landlord said it would cost no more than £100 altogether and he would go thirds on it... Once we moved in he gave us a bill for our share...£300.

Lots of work needed. Windows all need replacing as falling to pieces. Problem with damp and huge mice throughout the house but especially in the kitchen..

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