Flat 1, Hamilton, ML3 7QG

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Avoid at all costs

By Sd84 - stayed here from 6th January 2014 to 6th February 2015

The landlord lives in London and can never be reached, their mother lived in the flat and left it to her daughter, who hasn't done anything to update the property. On moving in we discovered the phone line wasn't attached after a fire at the end of the row. The cooker was deemed unsafe by the letting agent, the gas central heating was ancient and cost us a fortune. The carpets were disgusting and showed obvious wear and tear from her mother. The walls were covered with marks from old photos and damp which we had to complain of mould for. The double glazing is ineffective and prone to condensation, the electrics have a dead socket or two, when we moved in we discovered there was no aerial for the tv so we had a sky dish installed, a phone line and later a virgin connection. All at no cost to the landlord, we were fast to report issues when they arose and never missed a payment but after all that they decided to not renew our tenancy at the 11th hour and gave us 8 weeks to find a new place right after christmas. They made complaints after we were out (in 4 weeks as we moved in with my parents) about the carpets and took £130 of our deposit. Mail arrived on our last days addressed to a new tenant which made it obvious we had been kicked out so her friend could move in, she also lied to the letting agent and ourselves by claiming she had decided to sell. This landlord should be avoided at all costs.

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