7 Wordsworth Road, Worthing, BN11 3NH

Added 10th April 2015

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1. deposit dispute

By MissClarke - stayed here from 28th March 2014 to 27th March 2015

Easylet let this flat out and lied from the very beginning. They said they didn't know who lived upstairs. Turns out they did as they had plenty of dealings. They have 3 young children that run and scream so loud, it was unbelievable. No wonder Easylet lied!

I stayed one year and had two mid-term inspections. Both came back that the place was clean, tidy, no damage etc. I did however leave a letter stating some issues with the property. Three days after the second inspection I received a Section 21 stating I had two months to get out as the place had deteriorated more than expected.

The main issue was damp. They tried to say it was condensation caused by us but their damp specialist confirmed the property was damp. They admitted that they were going to do the pointing last July but didnt!!

I have not had an apology for these false accusations. The stress and financial hardship my family and I have endured is beyond imaginable.

We are now disputing some of my deposit for reasons such as dust on a door panel and a cobweb on the bedroom ceiling!

I would never use Easylet again and would strongly recommend that you don't!!

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