Flat 5, Bristol, BS16 4SR

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Awful landlord

By Kez - stayed here from 17th March 2012 to 7th March 2015

I went and viewed this property and it was in a right state! I was told I could decorate it neutral colours and the landlord would pay for the paint, took me a whole weekend to re-decorate this property. I had to paint the internal doors and window seals as they were chocolate brown! Agency came round and checked the painting, signed it all off and got the paint paid for...result! Then the mould started coming through in the first winter I was there, reported it to the agency, nothing was done! Year after year I would treat it and re-paint over it in the summer months and it would come back again every winter but worse as the time went on. Landlord wouldn't do anything after reporting it several times the agency sent one of their agents round to take pictures that was the end of that! I became ill through the winter months each year, became asthmatic & eventually ended up going to hospital with very bad breathing difficulties. I told the agency enough was enough so they sent an "expert" round, he confirmed it was toxic mould have should have been addresses as soon as it started. I gave my notice on this rental as I knew full well the landlord wouldn't do anything about it. So I then applied for my deposit back from the DPS, this is where it all went wrong!! The landlord wanted to keep £150 of my deposit for patchy paintwork and a missing lock (that was like that when I moved in) I had done nothing but improve the property since I lived there and anything that went wrong I paid for (he was far to stingy to pay for anything so I never even asked) I am livid about what he has done to me. It is currently being disputed through the DPS but reading the reviews of this organisation they seem to side with landlords anyway and will probably end up having to pay for half each as its his word against mine due to the check-in inventory not being completed by the company he paid to manage his property. The DPS isn't as great as they claim to be and doesn't really protect your deposit like renters need it to. I would advise anyone not to rent off Mr Phillip Matson he is not a great landlord at all he doesn't want to invest any money into his property and will not help tenants out like he should.

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