Lund Cottage, York, YO62 5HJ

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Cheap rent but you get what you pay for!

By munchkin22 - stayed here from 10th August 2005 to 10th April 2007

A very nice landlady at first but gradually you get to realise that despite that, she, and her husband, who own numerous land and property, don't like spending money on upkeep or even repairs. When we moved in there was no plumbing for a washer and we had to pay for this ourselves. When the toilet broke, we were told to use a bucket as she didn't want to ring a plumber as it was the weekend. The cooker which came with the property broke and they refused to replace it or even remove it. She kept a pony in the adjacent field and kept knocking on our door to use the toilet and/or wash her hands. The next door property, which they also owned, had enormous problems with water steaming in under the floor and into the kitchen whenever it rained and the landlords refused to anything about it. The tenant of the adjacent farm, which they also owned, was evicted on false grounds because someone offered them more money to rent it to them.

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