349 London Road, Waterlooville, PO8 0PJ

Added 10th April 2015

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1. Never, ever use a Private Landlord!

By Tomohawk88 - stayed here from 25th July 2013 to 24th December 2014

Rented directly through the owner of the property. We had countless issues with the property and the landlady.
We had to get the council involved due to health and safety issues.
When we reported any issues to the landlady she would either leave the issue for weeks or even months before sorting it or would not fix it at all. Some issues were reported within weeks of moving in but had not even been looked at when we moved out over a year later.
She did not provide an inventory/check in report, provided a very short and unprofessional tenancy agreement, failed to follow legal guidelines regarding our deposit and is trying to keep our deposit for issues that we did not cause or that just aren't true.
A Complete disaster from start to finish.

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