110 Palmerston Road, London, N22 8RE

Added 31st March 2015

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1. Hungry owner . No service

By Amol - stayed here from 25th November 2010 to 31st March 2015

Lived for almost 4 yr and seen everything. Just don't rent it plz .washing machine was old broken tuck him 2 yr to change. Boiler is broken and 6 time in a month you won't have hot water. Owners mom and owner will visit every day for something like they still living in same house. 9 bed shair house . All owner want is rent a room any age group and any walk of life will be shair your house . You will shair with old couple and young single. Just cant face ppl in house . Very expensive as well . No services. But if you late half a day for rent he will chase up for you. And 10 time in months new rules dor house and notice. Nothing work in house

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