6 Tarnwood Park, London, SE9 5NY

Added 19th March 2015

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1. Don't Expect Much

By Rent21 - stayed here from 3rd February 2015 to 15th March 2015

The title says it all. Listed below are a number of things not to expect if you consider living here:

1. Don't expect a warm, happy and homely environment. The land lady may seem friendly at the beginning, as soon as you move in she is not interested in you or in having a conversation with you.

2. Don't expect to have a relaxing Sunday, you will be told to clean.

3. Don't expect all of your deposit back, the land lady may indicate that she'll return your deposit unless the carpets need cleaning or if decorations need touching up, in the end she'll find a reason to deduct from it, even if she has to make it up. Contract, contract, contract.

4. Don't expect a good night's sleep, the walls are very thin, you will hear the land lady and neighbours.

5. Don't expect to watch what you want on TV when the land lady is around.

6. Don't expect to get a good value for money, there are many places to rent for much better value. The room is extremely expensive, the area isn't that pleasant, you won't feel at home and it takes a good 35 minute train ride to London, not 20 minutes as the land lady indicates.

7. Don't expect any informal arrangements to work, put everything in writing, even when it comes to buying cleaning products.

8. Don't expect to sit on the couch without being told to "fluff it up" or "push out the creases"

9. Don't expect to have any fresh air, the land lady cleans so much causing the house to permanently smell of chemicals.

10. Don't expect me to give this property a good rating after the terrible experience I had. I ended up spending most of my time in my room and I made a huge mistake by not insisting on a contract. Make sure that you sign a contract before you transfer any money, though I would recommend that you avoid this property altogether if you're looking to call somewhere home.

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