Flat 8, London, E3 3BA

Added 15th March 2015

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1. Flat would be ok if Landlords Sterling De Vere weren't terrible

By kazza - stayed here from 15th June 2014 to 15th September 2014

Where to start?

Sterling De Vere promised everything. They would clean the room, the kitchen and would provide everything I could need. All three were wrong. I had no ironing board, no iron that was usable and NO HOT WATER. The huge cobwebs from my room hadn't been cleaned, the flat was a tip. Asking for anything from Sterling De Vere was pointless, they gave nothing.

When asking for help they would avoid doing anything, making constant excuses and intimidating other tenants when they disagreed.

Sterling De Vere should be avoided - the worst rental company in London.

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