26 Regency Court, Brighton, BN1 6YG

Added 18th February 2015

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1. Terrible problem with damp!!

By rudderless - stayed here from 1st May 2009 to 1st December 2009

We had to move out of this property as soon as the first 6 month contract was up. The damp in the flat was so bad that it was impossible to keep on top of and ruined lots of our belongings (books, soft furnishings etc). The air in the flat was really unhealthy due to the damp. We reported the issue to the landlady, and the letting agency (Halls) but neither showed any concern.

If you do end up renting this flat, be warned not to have anything against the walls or it will be ruined by damp (unless of course the owner has somehow fixed the problem).

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