17B-17F Church Crescent, London, N10 3NA

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1. 17B Church Crescent N10 3NA – Barbara Gibson Properties

By Alan Smithee - stayed here from 24th January 2014 to 23rd January 2015

We experienced the following problems while renting 17B Church Crescent, which was let and managed by Barbara Gibson Properties:

– We had alerted Barbara Gibson Properties about a pool of dirty water in the basement bathroom on the day we moved in, but were told to just mop it up. A week later there was a full-scale flood in the basement bathroom, caused by a badly-maintained drain. This took over a week to properly resolve, meaning the bathroom flooded twice in 10 days. Safe alternative facilities were not provided for the 24 hours the bathroom was unusable. For the first 12 hours nobody from Barbara Gibson Properties even came into the flat.

– Kitchen cabinets were filled with mould when we moved in, and were only professionally cleaned when we threatened to involve the council public health inspector.

– When we complained about the terrible experience and inconvenience we had in our first fortnight of the rental, and asked for various repairs/checks/assurances to make sure nothing like this happened again, Barbara Gibson Properties responded by asking if we wanted to end our contract early and move out – effectively saying if we didn't like their inaction we should move!

– Mould and damp were a problem in the bedroom, particularly around the bed and inside the built in wardrobe.

– Barbara Gibson Properties did not fully resolve the damp issues and we had to throw out clothing and shoes which were ruined from the built in wardrobe. The agent and landlord refused to pay for dry cleaning for items which needed professional cleaning.

– Mould and damp were also a constant problem on the bathroom ceiling.

– On several occasions keys were given to contractors who entered the flat without our prior consent.

– At the end of our 12 month tenancy an extension to the rental was offered to us. We said we would like to extend the tenancy as long as issues around damp and mould were properly resolved. Barbara Gibson Properties responded by withdrawing the offer to extend the tenancy, effectively evicting us because we asked them to fix various issues.

– The inventory was inaccurate when we moved in, and the check out was inaccurate when we moved out. Barbara Gibson Properties attempted to make deductions from the deposit for "missing" items which we had never seen before – eventually they gave in, after I proved the inventory/check out was totally inaccurate and unreliable.

– The standard of communications from Barbara Gibson Properties was terrible. They frequently ignored requests to call us back, and often totally ignored our questions and requests. Emails were badly written and confused.

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