5A Pickford Hill, Harpenden, AL5 5HB

Added 9th February 2015

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1. 3 months of hell!!!

By psychokary - stayed here from 9th September 2014 to 9th December 2014

So much to say... here are the highlights:
1) single-glazed: we were freezing and nothing could keep the house warm - energy bill through the roof!
2) cracked floor boards allowed CIGARETTE SMOKE to come INSIDE our flat from the flat downstairs, and the landlord did little to sort out the problem, only offering a solution once we threatened to move out and seek legal advice.
3) the loft conversion hasn't being insulate enough and has got no heating so although we were not there when it REALLY got cold, we were already freezing throughout the night, especially when the boiler decided to stop working and we had to use the portable heater downstairs to keep our son's bedroom warm.
4) we finally got to an agreement with the agency/landlord that we'd break the contract (which was made harder than it should) and agreed to pay for an extra month after we'd moved out and broke the contract, and despite having stuck to our part of the deal the landlord was holding our deposit unnecessarily (despite the agency having done the checks already) and we had to pay council tax after we'd broke the contract because 'the landlord wouldn't take responsibility'.
All in all, a terrible experience and appalling attitude from the landlord, refusing to sort out the problems with his property and treating us as if we were in the wrong for moving out of such a problematic place!

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