88 Upper Tollington Park, London, N4 4NB

Added 5th February 2015

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1. A good landlord who owns lots of properties

By Ogriv - stayed here from 24th June 2013 to 5th February 2015

I'm still in this place in one of the 10 flats in the building. Got it almost by accident when I noticed that the same landlord had signed up to the University of London's accredited landlord scheme.

One of my neighbours says it's the best landlord they've ever had. They own hundreds of properties in London.

The sound proofing and insulation in the place is very good. Price of central heating and hot water included in rent. Nice location.

Rent rises are annual and seem to be about £20 per month. Of course I'd prefer this to be lower but it's probably pretty standard. Same with the actual rent - it's not that low, but it probably could be considerably higher.

Maintenance department do come and fix things... I suspect they operate a triage-style system though across all the properties, so the repair might not happen immediately unless it's quite serious.

Overall I've had a really good experience renting here. I would recommend them.

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