110A Mauldeth Road, Manchester, M14 6SQ

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1. Be ware of the roaches!

By sgik - stayed here from 16th October 2013 to 17th May 2014

This was a spacious flat that had been re-decorated and was clean with new carpets. I rented it because of the price (£300/month at first, then £325) and because of its location and the fact that it was quite spacious.

Issues I could live with:
Entrance at the back, through the shop's bins
No windows in the bedroom
No white goods and only two heaters (one in the bedroom and one in the living room)

Issues I couldn't live with and the agency failed to deal with:
Cockroach infestation
Unacceptable neighbour dumping rubbish on the alley (every once and a while, I had to contact the council to come and collect)
Roof leaking (living room)
Humidity and black walls (bathroom and kitchen)
Somebody kept locking the alley gate and then gluing the lock so that the gate would not open (again, the council had to come and sort it out)

The agency called a company to deal with the roach infestation. They were very difficult to communicate with. They said that the flat needed to be sealed, but all they did was "treatments" with pesticides. My understanding is that once these fade out, the roaches can come back because the flat was not sealed properly (maybe it has been now). I also called the council (again!) and they said they would investigate the area to see where they were coming from and to let people know, but they were not very hopeful that anything could be done.

I wouldn't recommend this flat unless you need something very cheap and have lots of patience and time to spend chasing the agency and the Council.

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