7 Hillfield Park, London, N10 3QT

Added 30th January 2015

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1. controlling landlord

By live64 - stayed here from 19th January 2014 to 18th January 2015

I wanted my partner to move in with me and there was a clause in the contract that allows for it - she said no! She simply said she didn't think he would pass references without even trying. She just said no. What was I to do? She would not let me move out either. She wanted to control my life. And it is a two-bed flat. I had to resort to legal help and she took 3 months to yield. She had no arguments but she dragged it out. After that, I did not hear from her again, thank goodness - until recently when I needed to vacate. Now the madness is starting again. She has just sent me a long email filled with venom, attacking my character, and bringing up imaginary accusations, when all I did was to ask for my deposit. I guess I may have to resort to legal help again.

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