6 Gibfield Road, St. Helens, WA9 5FW

Added 15th January 2015

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1. Avoid avoid avoid

By Donny1 - stayed here from 9th May 2014 to 15th December 2014

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Awful property, anti social neighbour that stalks you, landlord uses letting agent and lives opposite without you knowing !
The house is just dreadful, the neighbour bangs 24/7, it's very small for its high rent price, it's literally in the middle of a car park.
Very cold house, garden is sinking and landlord will not fix repairs, the shower stinks of sewage.
We rented this property for a short time, we had to install cctv to protect our children from the stalker next door intimadating and filming them.
We left the property immaculate, even gave in cleaning cents and keyletting rainhill refused to give a vacate form, said it was perfect no problem you'll get your deposit back, they the. Dntered the property later and stained the professionally cleaned carpet.
We are currently going through legal procedures to get our money back. The landlord is just awful won't help with anything and is after keeping deposits, I was also told by a neighbour he enters the property when your out, as I rented from a letting agent I had no idea he lived in the same road, my advice, u can't trust landlord or agent and the house and the anti social neighbour aren't worth the stress. Stay well clear !!!

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Reply to Donny1:
Key Letting, Rainhill said:

Mrs Slaughter is entitled to her opinion, however, she is not the easiest tenant to deal with. She falls out with everybody and blames them. She has bullied our staff in the office, put up outlandish wallpaper without permission, lived in the house for 7 months without cleaning the carpets and damaged the lawn. We have a letter from the tenant's cleaning contractors Mel's Cleaning, which is available for inspection, in which they categorically state they did not clean the carpets as they were specifically told not to by the tenants. The only time the landlord went into the house was after the Slaughters left to see the condition she had left it in. He would have a job entering the property with or without permission otherwise as he lives in Hong Kong. Nevertheless we have offered Mr & Mrs Slaughter a full refund of their deposit and the offer still stands. Once we returned the property to its original condition, we had no difficulty in reletting and the new tenant has reported no problems with the house, her neighbours or the area. Mark Kerr, Key Letting Rainhill.

on 28th March 2015 at 4:51pm