Ground Floor Flat, London, SW9 9RY

Added 24th December 2014

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1. Great landlords who demonstrated integrity and fairness throughout

By emilyjwhite - stayed here from 10th January 2012 to 10th April 2014

We stayed at 27a Stansfield Road for just over two years, and had a great time there. We struggled a little with damp, but the landlord did some damp proofing towards the end of the tenancy so this may now be fixed. Troy and Caroline who own the place were scrupulously fair, and didn't withhold any of our deposit, reasonably allowing for wear and tear. We felt very at home on the street and met some interesting people living there. We never had any security issues, and as the bus stop was right at the end of the road I never felt uncomfortable walking home as a lone female late at night.

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