Flat 8, Southport, PR9 9NG

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1. Underfloor heating works intermittently. Inadequate ventilation causing damp. Leaking Windows. No support from landlord.

By p3n2 - stayed here from 18th July 2013 to 18th July 2014

3 days after we moved into the property, myself and my friend were woken in the middle of the night (July) by the sound of water coming in through the windows (the windows were closed and so were the air vents). We alerted the landlord immediately but these were never fixed.

Unfortunately we had signed up for a years tenancy.

The shower was broken and we realised this within hours of moving in; we were told by the property management department that 'it wasn't a priority'. After upwards of 10 phone calls, emails and letters we finally got a replacement shower 4 months after we moved in.

Often my friend and I would come home from work to find pools of water on the floor and windowsills, especially in the winter months when the weather is colder and wetter. We were told that this was caused by the water running off the flat roof and the lack of guttering. Due to a lack of covering over the window we could not open the windows when it was raining as water would pour in off the roof. This meant that if we cooked anything or had a shower we had no way of preventing the rooms from steaming up. We were constantly fighting damp.

We were so desperate that we even got in touch with environmental health and Shelter during the winter months. Environmental health did push Langsam Estates to put mains powered fire alarms into each of the flats which was one a positive outcome.

We were tempted by the bright, spacious nature of the flat marketed to us in mid-July. It had just been re-painted and re-carpeted and we thought it was wonderful when we started the tenancy; but unfortunately throughout the colder months a combination of poor ventilation, less than helpful property management department, sporadic underfloor hearing, leaking windows and damp, meant our tenancy was a less than enjoyable experience.

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