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Added 29th November 2014

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1. Reasonable Property, poor heating, terrible landlady

By Demoli - stayed here from 21st November 2013 to 22nd November 2014

The property itself is reasonably nice but the landlady has caused us serious and undue stress.

The mortgage was not paid for this property for around 3 months, leading to a repossession order from the building society. The landlady has now arranged a payment plan with the courts, but any failure to pay will lead to immediate repossession of the property, and you'll end up evicted.

She isn't much better when it comes to repairs or decoration, we were told that the whole place would be painted before we moved in, the paining was of a poor quality, with unpainted and scratched areas throughout. The pain in the bathroom has been peeling since the day we moved in.

The landlady will listen to your concerns, but is incredibly slow to actually do anything, I basically gave up contacting her, as she would say it would get done, then never follow up.

The gas and electricity are on meters, (not usually something you check for when you're paying this much for a property), which was an unpleasant surprise, and has been a constant inconvenience.

The boiler is an ancient and inefficient gas boiler hidden behind a 70s gas fireplace, a complete pain to access to change the heating. There is a timer in the kitchen at least.

We were excited to move into this property, but given the stresses and inconveniences of living here, I now can't wait to leave.

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