17 Abbey Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HH

Added 26th November 2014

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1. Intrusive landlady

By bentosmile - stayed here from 1st March 2012 to 1st September 2013

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Even though the property is managed by an agency, the land lady will come by without warning. I even spotted her lurking around at the front of the house once, poking around the front garden! Property is not well maintained, when we got there the paintwork was patchy/old, the fuse box was wired incorrectly, the flumes were all blocked up with just newspaper/bits of plywood.

But mostly, you won't have any privacy, as the landlady can't leave you alone!

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Reply to bentosmile:
bentosmile said:

I forgot to add that in the year and a half we were there, the boiler broke, then the water pump, then the washing machine (due to wear and tear, and the landlady refused to replace, so I bought my own and took it with me when I left) then the cold tap in the bathroom broke due to limescale build up, which they tried to blame on us! There were also trees in the garden which we had removed, as other landlords and residents had been complaining about them for years! The landlord who owned the house next door said the trees were even damaging his property. They had made the garden a wasteland, where not even grass would grow! (The garden was full of bits of broken glass and such) We did make effort to keep the property nicely, and even spent money fixing the odd bit. But we never saw even a penny of the deposit back, or any breakdown of what she spent it on to even know what we were supposed to have done.

on 26th November 2014 at 2:03pm