3 Langley Close, Norwich, NR4 6XW

Added 16th November 2014

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1. 3 Langley Close, A nightmare experience

By Morgan.1000 - stayed here from 28th August 2012 to 29th September 2014

Landlord is very greedy, aggressive will try to get any extra money from you upon leaving the property unjustifiable. Despite giving them a month notice, they insisted on making me pay 2 months although they had the property. 2 months now and still can not get my deposit.
They wanted to charge me for carpets despite me professionally cleaned them . They said they think it is more stained than when I moved in ! I showed them the photos I took upon moving in and Inventory they provided clearly mentioning the stains, they are still negotiating.
The property although looks nice but very damp, carpets in it are mouldy, walls turn into black as you live there. Landlord hides this by a lick of paint before you move in. You only discover that after you live there.
Stratfords are very unprofessional. They will take long time to sort any problem even if it is the central heater in freezing days not considering you have no hot water and little kids are struggling.
To cut it short. Avoid that bungalow, the landlord is nasty, the place is so damp and unhealthy, the estate agency is very unprofessional. I am a doctor and lived there for 2 years, they have given me the worst experience in my life. Still negotiating with them. If you want to avoid nightmares, avoid 3 Langley Close, Cringleford, Norwich. NR4 6XW. Horrible experience, horrendous time

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