11 Hillfield Park, London, N10 3QT

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1. Top Floor Flat, 11 Hillfield Park. London N10 3QT

By ShoutingFromTheCheapSeats - stayed here from 5th April 2005 to 1st January 2011

Location, location, location. This flat is half way down one of the best roads in Muswell Hill, seconds from the Broadway and offering views across London. It's a road where people stop to take photographs and has appeared in many a TV or magazine advertisement.

Nicely size two bed flat but completely managed by Westbourne Estates - a letting agent located the other side of London - and probably the most incompetent letting agents I've ever dealt with. Consistently broken promises and complete resistance to even the most essential maintenance and repairs. Still, we left with many great stories of opening washing machines with a teaspoon and the many attempts to stop a leaking in the bathroom for...and I quote the plumber hired for the job..."cheaper than humanly possible".

We started off paying £225pw, and when I left 5 years later it was at £255. Every year the agents tried to raise the rent around 15% despite the contract allowing for a maximum rise of 5%. Recently saw this back on the market at a whopping £380pw and it looks pretty much the same as it always did. The photos even included my £20 microwave I purchased in 2006 and couldn't be bothered to take with me - nice to know its still going strong - quite the bargain!

We stayed so long for the location, left in the end because it became too expensive for what it was and refused to deal any more with letting agents who blatantly ignored the needs of their tenants. Their parting gift was to attempt to deduct £400 from the deposit, all of it fictitious including 'missing' items that never existed in the flat in the first place and stains on the carpet that were there when we moved in.

Would recommend if it was cheaper and if another agent close to Muswell Hill took it on.

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