37 Creighton Avenue, London, N10 1NX

Added 11th November 2014

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1. Flat 2, 37 Creighton Avenue, London, N10 1NX

By ShoutingFromTheCheapSeats - stayed here from 3rd April 2011 to 5th September 2012

On first glance a charming one bed flat hidden 'round the back' - both of Muswell Hill and of the three flat conversion within which it resides in. The flat is nice enough and the landlord completely absent, in 18 months of living there we only spoke just once - so very hassle free.

Flat was rented via the landlords 'friend' who's semi retired, as a result, no fees and only a months deposit. But be warned of the things you miss on a quick inspection. The living room gets the sun all day - quite delightful until you realise that only the smallest section of this window opens, meaning your lounge heats up like a bag of microwave popcorn from May through to September.

Add to that a couple of mad hermits living on the ground floor who almost fall over themselves to scramble in the house front door to keep from saying hello and religiously insisting on keeping all doors locked - meaning forgetting your keys could leave you locked inside the communal hallway for a day - failure to comply will result in a series of snide post-it notes reminding you of your contractual obligations to obey the rules, despite there being no rules in said contract. Any excess noise will also result in more post-its. Can't say it wasn't expected though, as letting agent, landlord and upstairs neighbours all gave us fair warning. But still, if we ever needed a post-it, we knew exactly what to do.

If you can stand the heat, don't turn the TV up and never forget your keys, its a lovely, quiet little flat very reasonably priced.

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