27 Ellesmere Road, London, W4 3DU

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1. Cheap and lazy landlord, horrible flat

By esemsch - stayed here from 25th August 2013 to 10th March 2014

This is about the ground floor rear flat.

There are numerous bad things about the flat:

0. The landlady was uncooperative and it took her very long to have stuff repaired. E.g. we waited for 3 weeks for hot water.
1. It's very cold in the winter and you won't have much luck trying to heat it up with the boiler and radiators.
2. The ceiling in the bedroom is paper thin and you will hear everything from the flat upstairs.
3. The washing machine is in a garden shed accessible from the passage between the houses.
4. The bathroom is in the extension and has a bad window, it gets very cold in the winter, again no chance heating it up with the radiators.
5. Kitchen is super small and very dark. You can hear the kitchen waste water flowing to the gutter outside from the pipes hanging freely from the wall.
6. Every now and then the fuses went off (actually the current protector). This was because of some current leakage in the kitchen.
7. There is a vertical pipe in the bedroom on which water condenses when it's cold and mold follows quickly after.
8. There are numerous visible cables and wires leading from nowhere to nowhere in the flat. There are a lot of dents, unused holes in the wall and other problems. The furniture is very used, especially watch out for the mattress.
9. We have been flooded from upstairs once because of some problems with washing machine, but there were traces in the flat that indicated this wasn't the first time this happened.
10. The garden shed has a leaky roof and it is quite moldy. The fence of the garden was nearly falling down.
11. There was usually a lot of rubbish flying around on the front porch despite me cleaning it every weekend. The dustmen weren't doing a perfect job either.

There isn't much positive to say about this flat. It is in a nice neighborhood, but the house this flat is in is on the A4, so you won't feel part of the neighborhood at all. If you really have to rent it, use these faults I have listed to lower the price as much as possible. Believe me, there aren't many people who would like to rent it the flat was eventually sold because they couldn't find new tenants in 2 months.

The reason we rented this flat was: 1. It was the first time we were renting in London, 2. we had only 3 days to find a flat.

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