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1. Big but damp and dishonest agent and expensive.

By mrbretmaye - stayed here from 10th November 2004 to 10th November 2006

This was over 6 years ago so things may have changed.
I'll start with the good. The tube station is across the road. Get out of bed and you are on your way to work. 24 hour shop across the road and great other great facilities nearby. Nice area too. Trouble as in all of London but a place i would gladly live.

Jubliee line has great access to all of London and the buses are great.
With a big 24 hour local shop and a Tesco local a minute away as well as a big Sainsburys. A quick trip to Finchley Road and you have all you want. Great pub next door which has a great out door area but never affected me in a bad way, no noise or hustle from it.

No noise from neighbours but that may have changed since i was there. No 11 was broken into and the car stolen while i was there. Think about getting the front door secured.

The flat itself is big in general. A good 2-3 person home. Walk in and you have a closet to the left. Big enough for coats and some bits and bobs, hoover etc.
Walk further and you have a kitchen to the left and a living room to the right. The kitchen is small and grubby. The back door had gaps in it where slugs would come in. It was nasty to be honest. We cleaned it up but with pealing lino and general wear, It is small and nasty. Not tiny but with the layout it was a bad kitchen. Damp damp damp.

The front room was big, perfect size for living and dining space. But again damp and grubby. With a small effort this room would be nice.

Bathroom is small and grubby again. Needs a over haul but functional. Toilet and shower separate.

Main bedroom is big but again damp and grubby. Lots of space but again not a nice space. Cheap built in wardrobe.

Second bed room is ok size for a child or student but not huge. Maybe 2.5m by 3.5m.

The flat suffered badly from damp. It was generally in bad condition. Took a lot to heat to get it warm. We had to use a separate heater for the front room so costly. It is a very good size for London and has a lot of potential.

Watch out for: Damp (agents painted over it but it is BAD), Security (Between the communal hall and open back yard you will get crime. Junkies would shoot up on the steps leading up to the back door).

The agents who let the property were nasty. We were young new in London and stupid and they took advantage. Stuck the contract in front of us and pushed us to sign quickly. This included a inventory which stated every thing was in good condition. They then took our deposit when we left for stuff that was broken when we moved in. This was a certain agent on the same block as Willesden Green underground. They were unhelpful and unpleasant throughout. Blamed us for bad paint jobs they commissioned.

We paid £1200 per month.....in 2006. We were ripped off but again we were silly. I would not pay more than £1000 now if it was still in that condition.

If renting remember to mention the damp and security when negotiating. If the flat was sorted and in good condition then i'd pay £1400. The top flat, which is new and top spec, is £1800 a month so.......

Just remember the DAMP, it is bad. If the flat has fresh paint they are covering the damp. Make sure that the back gate into the parking lot is now secure as this is a haven for drugs and burglers.

If I were to buy it i would only pay 400000-450000. It would go for more but it needs about 60000 to do it up and remember you have monthly fees plus the agents will look for money for works now and then.

I gave it 1 star as the rent was so high. If they had charged a more reasonable rent (>1000) i would have given it MAYBE 1 more.

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