14 South Luton Place, Cardiff, CF24 0EX

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1. Allen & Harris (AKA Sequence) are one of the worst agents I've ever dealt with

By RC - stayed here from 24th July 2013 to 13th December 2013

The House: It's difficult too keep the house at a comfortable temperature. We spent a lot of time wrapped up in blankets in the living room. The back of the house and the loft room were especially bad, getting very cold in winter (and very hot in summer). I had a look in the roof of the kitchen extension and described what I saw to someone in the know and they said it wouldn't meet current building regulations for the depth of insulation. The cellar and coal hole are great for Halloween, and it's got some genuine WWII grafitti which is cool.

The Agent: I would warn against getting involved with Allen & Harris in the strongest possible terms. To list every way they caused us aggravation, distress and inconvenience would be beyond me, but my housemate had enough material to write them an eight page letter of complaint within a few months. We turned up on the first day and a mattress was missing and they tried to tell us that we shouldn't expect mattresses in a furnished house. We were afraid a "rogue" employee had made off with our bank details. We, and our guarantors, often got threatening letters saying we owed money that we didn't. It went on and on. I think they ended up compensating us because there was almost nothing that went right.

The Landlord: I suspect a lot of the repairs were done by some inexpert associate of the landlord, because some of them were bizarre. If you look closely you'll see someone has gone round and stuck bathroom sealant anywhere there's a gap. I think I remember some of the banisters were held in place with staples. Also, we turned up on the first day and someone had painted the wooden kitchen worktops with shed paint. It came off in rings whenever you put a mug of tea down. Eventually we persuaded them to let us peel it all off (the agents were going to charge the landlord hundreds for this apparently, but we spoke to the landlord and said we'd do it if they just paid for the tools). We had to move out because the Landlord wanted to move back in,. They allowed us to move out before the end of the month so we weren't having to move around Christmastime which I guess was nice.

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