Pulse Wholefoods, Cardiff, CF11 9DE

Added 9th November 2014

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1. Flat above 171a Kings Rd

By RC - stayed here from 13th December 2013 to 29th August 2014

It seemed like it had been newly refurbished so there weren't any maintenance issues. We had no need to communicate with the Landlord/Agent (Chris John and Partners) all the time we were there, so can't really review them apart from to say they didn't invent any issues like some Landlords/Agents I've known.

The house was sold while we were there and we worried that we'd be kicked out or the rent would be raised to get rid of us, but that didn't happen.

I have had a quite bad experience with the Agent at a subsequent address though (71a Pontcanna St, CF11 9HS) and would avoid this Agent again.

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