Flat 114, Glasgow, G5 8BE

Added 6th November 2014

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1. Spacious flat but chilly in the winter months

By Cheese - stayed here from 6th June 2012 to 6th June 2013

This flat is spacious and the building is well-kept. There is a lift to all floors, a car park and for the first few months there was communal gym equipment that was later closed off. Unfortunately the single glazing and high ceilings make this a difficult flat to heat. If you can afford to heat it it's lovely but expect a cold winter and a very hot summer. We had some trouble with the letting agents taking their time to send someone to fix the curtains which meant the M8 could see right into the flat and our upper level bedroom for over a month until they taped up the curtains with masking tape before fixing them properly. I recommend finding a ladder or changing those very high light bulbs will be tricky and dangerous. There is a bin chute on every floor and this flat is seconds away from the one on floor one which is handy. However, the recycling is outside to the side of the building. The building is walking distance from the centre of town and opposite the Springfield Quay complex with the cinema and restaurants.

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