32 Abbott Close, Hampton, TW12 3XR

Added 29th October 2014

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1. A really good rental in a pretty and peaceful area

By Andrea123 - stayed here from 1st May 2011 to 30th August 2013

My partner and I rented this one bed in south west London from this private landlady over two years. The flat comes with a garden and we were only too happy to maintain it. This is a part of the tenancy agreement as the landlady needed someone to maintain it. This was basically just mowing the lawn and using a hedge trimmer very month to keep the hedges under control. A small ask and in return we got this lovely garden for the summer months. The landlady is very reliable and, as we looked after the flat well, there were not many repairs needed, but she redecorated the communal staircase, always got the gas safety check done on time, and was a good landlord. We got all our deposit back and I know she had protected it. However she did seem clued up on all the paperwork, and had advised another landlord in the same building on eviction procedure with these awful tenants he had to deal with. I think what we liked the most about her was that she had lived in the flat herself and wanted to maintain it in good condition, and she told us that she liked the way we maintained her garden, only used our allocated parking bay and got on well with the neighbours, and didn't call her to help with petty things we could do ourselves such as read a meter, change a bulb, replace a shower head to get slightly better pressure, etc. I would say that this is the ideal flat for a professional couple who like gardening, are clean and tidy, and want a good relationship with their landlord. We never gave her any demands because she was efficient, nice, and very good at replying to emails. We only left because of work changes, and really enjoyed living there. If you don't know Hampton, it is in zone 6 and a very quiet, leafy area of London that is often overlooked.

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