Flat 1-28, London, EC2A 3AH

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1. Flat 10, 104-108 Curtain Road – Living above (in) a club, chilled during winter.

By ybeuz - stayed here from 1st June 2012 to 1st March 2013

Noise: Terrible isolation and constant noise coming from The Hoxton Pony, despite being on the second floor, you cannot sleep from Tuesday to Saturday, low frequencies coming from The Hoxton Pony situated on the ground floor, reported the issue to the club, agency, landlord, council etc. nobody cared.

This flat isn`t isolated, absolutely freezing during winter, no hot water from the bathroom, kitchen taps, etc.

Landlord: Careless landlord, of course he didn`t act when I`ve reported the noise issue, he just wants to collect his rent, I`ve chased to get my deposit back.

Contract: I`ve requested to break the contract and leave before the end of the lease due to the noise issue etc., but of course the landlord tied me up with the contract until I finally someone crazy enough to take over.

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