76 Loveridge Road, London, NW6 2DT

Added 27th October 2014

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1. 76A Loveridge Road – No noise isolation, rotten landlord.

By ybeuz - stayed here from 9th March 2013 to 9th September 2013

Noise: Terrible isolation and constant noise coming from the flat upstairs (flatshare with a dozen people), you cannot rest “a single night” in this flat, both bedrooms are affected, reported the issue to the agency, landlord, council etc. nobody cared.

One night, some people broke the mains doors and got into the flat, police came over etc. we never knew why but it seemed related to previous girls living in this flat.

Finally, the garden is supposed to be private but people from upstairs keep steering at you when you`re inside, throwing things in it (cigarettes buts, papers, etc.).

Landlord: Rotten landlord, of course he didn`t act when I`ve reported the noise issue, he just wants to collect the £375/week rent, also retained hundreds of pounds on the deposit for no reasons, I would need to get paid to live there again.

Contract: I`ve requested to break the contract and leave before the end of the lease due to the noise issue etc., but of course the landlord tied me up with the contract.

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