Flat 10, London, NW8 7BX

Added 27th October 2014

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1. No noise isolation, careless landlord.

By ybeuz - stayed here from 15th August 2013 to 20th April 2014

Noise: Terrible isolation from adjacent flats, despite being a top floor, you cannot rest a single night, I could hear the tenants from the flat below snoring at 3am every night, reported the issue to the council etc. nobody cared.

Landlord: Careless landlord, of course he didn`t act when I`ve reported the noise issue, he just wants to collect the rent, the flat is relatively cheap but overall in poor conditions.

Contract: I`ve requested to break the contract and leave before the end of the lease due to the noise issue, but of course the landlord tied me up with the contract.

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